Bolwarra/Native Guava/Copper Laurel (Eupomatia laurina)

Bolwarra/Native Guava/Copper Laurel (Eupomatia laurina)

Bolwarra/Copper Laurel (Eupomatia laurina)

Shrub to 5 metres, with long arching branches that can reach the ground.

Fairly drought-tolerant once established.

Glossy young foliage. Perfumed white flowers in the warmer months, followed by fruit which is widely-recognised as a bushfood.

Note: Please do your own research if you intend to consume them to ensure you can safely do so.

The SGAP website shows Eupomatia laurina flowering here:

Occurs in or close to rainforest.
The primordial looking flower of the Bolwarra shows its close link to the ancestral flowering plants. Like many of the earliest flowers, it has evolved to attract two species of beetles, which it relies on for pollination.

A lush foliage plant. Can be pruned for a more compact form. Also called the Copper Laurel as it’s leaves can change colour in cold temperatures.

Also makes a beautiful container plant for shady balconies. The arching branches can benefit from support when young.

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