Brisbane Laurel (Pittosporum revolutum)

Brisbane Laurel (Pittosporum revolutum)

Brisbane Laurel (Pittosporum revolutum)

A small shrub which can grow to around 3 metres high, but may remain a lot smaller depending on conditions (apparently can occasionally grow taller too in high moisture situations).

Will have better foliage and form if grown in full or filtered sunlight. Clay tolerant, and does not have high moisture needs, that said, will probably grow faster and more densely shaped with some supplementary watering.

The flowers are sweetly scented and are followed by interesting orange fruit that open on the plant to reveal bright red seeds – these are reputedly not palatable but I’ve found no reference to toxicity.

From both Rainforest and Eucalypt forest habitats.
The seeds are bird-attracting.

Provides a good small structural form when amongst finer-leaved shrubs.

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