Jars and terrariums

plants_for_terrariums_signIf you’re pressed for space or just looking for some local greenery you can keep within gazing distance, lidless terrariums are a great indoor gardening idea that can cost very little. By upcycling your old jars (or ours) you can create a simple piece of paradise for the office or study corner in next to no time.

We’ve picked out four local native South East Queensland plants that look peachy in a jar — and will thrive in a lidless terrarium environment.


Jar lover number 1:
Love Flower (Pseuderanthemum variabile)

Love flower (Pseuderanthemum variabile)

Shower with a mist of water and watch your Love Flower bloom brighter. See more pictures of the Love Flower on the Australian Tropical Rainforest website.

Jar lover number 2:
Ivy Leaf Violet (Viola banskii)

Ivy Leaf Violet (Viola banskii)

Keep the soil moist and your Ivy Leaf Violet will drape dainty tendrils with white-and-lilac flowers across your desk. See Ivy Leaf Violet in bloom on the Australian Native Plants Society Australia website.

Jar lover number 3:
Tripladenia (Tripladenia Cunninghamii)

Tripladenia (Tripladenia Cunninghamii)

Tripladenia grows low, spreading its beautiful foliage out in every direction. Keep Tripladenia’s rainforest vibe alive with shade and moist soil.  See Tripladenia’s sweet little pinkish-purple flowers in Mangroves to Mountains online gallery.

Jar lover number 4:
Scrambling Lily (Geitonoplesium cymosum)

Scrambling Lily (Geitonoplesium cymosum) Scrambling Lily is a light climbing vine with deep green leaves that are similar to those of bamboo. Scattered clusters of small white and yellow flowers in spring/summer. See Scrambling Lily’s flowers and berries on Save Our Waterways Now.

Top tip for a happy jar terrarium

Ecotone keeps pre-jarred plants you can buy ready-made. Or, if you’re just buying the plant, remember to add a few centimetres of drainage pebbles to the bottom of the jar before filling it with some good-quality potting mix.

Terrarium and jar garden materials

Terrarium and jar garden materials all ready for potting up some local jar-loving beauties.

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